Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 10 - Monday July 30th

The day started off with a full English breakfast consisting of back bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns and stewed tomato. Yesterday, started off with a full English breakfast, every day starts off with a full English breakfast which has become a joke at camp while we wait in the meal queque 'wonder what's for breakfast today'.

Spent the day working at the Canada activity area at the World Village program site which was the first day of full program operation at the World Village. The activities the Scouts can do is to paint a maple leaf on a small wooden paddle which the Scouts can keep as a key chain, do soap stone carving, log sawing contest and play lacrosse. We tried playing ground hockey but it doesn't work the best on the grass, however the lacross worked well. Only one injury where one Scout scraped off a small layer of skin while playing lacrosse in which I had to clean up and put a bandaid on. Afterwards he rushed back out to play lacrosse as he was more concerned about missing playing verses his small injury.

Here are some photos of the paddle painting, log sawing contest and some of the soapstone creations that were made which turned out very well. Thanks for the comments that you are enjoying my blog.

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