Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 5 con't - July 25th

Christmas in July. The gang from Quebec celebrated Christmas in July. What an enthusiastic bunch of young Canadians. One of my tasks was to head off to transportation to pick up the bikes for the Canadian contingent. As we hiked through the Jamboree we sang Christmas songs, much to the surprise to others at the Jamboree. It was so funny when we went by the Scout World Centre when music from the theme 'Mission Impossible' was playing and the gang mimicked some of Mission Impossible and 007 spy movie moves which had everyone wondering what was going on. Where was my camera when I needed it.

Meet a nice lady - Tracy from the bike pick-up, who wasn't going to give us the bikes without a receipt. After a couple of phone calls and fancy talking I was able to arrange to pick up the bikes. The six of us had fun zooming back thru the Jamboree with our new toys. Who would have thought a bike ride could be so much fun.

The construction of Canada House is proceeding. Here is a picture of the moose outside and you can see where Sebastan (the carpenter)and the 'Canadian build team's putting down the floor so Canada House doesn't turn into a mud pit.

I ended up hiking from one end of the Jamboree to the other, trying to find somewhere to determine if the 13 IST's that are missing from my arrival list are on site. The final solution was to have a message put on the computer system to have them check-in with us. When our nametags (which has a bar code on it) is scanned at meal check-in a message will appear to have them check in with us at Canada House. This part of the computer setup is amazing.

The Jamboree organizers had a big THANK YOU party for the IST last night with music and a light show. When you get 8000 Scouters in one spot is allot of people. The quiet get-togethers at the Pub to talk with the rest of the Canadian Build Team are over.

Here is a picture of the Jamboree temprary steel road that has been placed to protect the grass underneath from the heavy vehicles.

Things are slowly coming together as the excitment of the Jamboree opening builds. The Brits are doing a fantastic job if only the weather will co-operate. Today was rain free. Yipee.

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