Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 4 - Tuesday July 24th

Spent the day receiving Canadian ISTs. From the time of arrival at Heathrow to the Jamboree site was taking about 4 to 5 hours. The sun is shining and starting to dry up the mud but it is still very mudddy in spots. While sitting and waiting at the Arrival check-in with Mo-Mo from Montreal, we had a good talk about french and english culture and she felt that instead of being french and english, like back home, that she felt we are Canadian and how everyone was willing to practice both english and french. I learned some interesting french swear words. After a long day, finally hit the sack around 11 pm and slept like a log. I am glad I waterproofed my tent before leaving as it has not leaked and I am keeping dry. There are about 8000 IST on site now. The excitment of te Jamboree starting with the 40,000 participants arriving on July 27th and the Opening Ceremony on July 28th continues to grow. The mud has not put a dampen on things but helps carry on a friendly conversations with people from around the world. Here are some pictures of the mud:

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