Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 9 - Sunday July 29th

The day started out with my 45 minute trek to the World Village program area where Scouts Canada is putting on an activity which consists of soapstone carving, paddle painting (small 3 inches paddles where the Scouts get to paint a red maple leaf on it and can use it as a key chain), lacrosse and ground hockey. On my hike there I met a nice Brit and we had a good chat as to the state of affairs. As we were entering the program area we were told the site would not be opening because the water and washrooms had not been hooked up yet in the area. So, I went to our program tent and the rest of the gang were practicing soapstone carving. Here are three pictures of them and a display of their final creations put together as a scene. I am sure these pieces of art will fetch about $1.5 million at the National Art Gallery.

Some pictures of the Contingent displays at the World Scout Village. This is a replica of Big Ben at the entrance of the UK pavillion where they have set up a walk or tour thru the different areas and cultures in the UK:

Some pictures of other contingent set-ups:

Some of the other displays and gateways at the Jamboree:

Each day is getting busier and busier and I hope to spent a little time each morning before breakfast to add to the blog. Thanks everyone for checking in on my blog. We were told yesterday the weather for the next 4 days will be sunshine which I hope will dry up all this mud. Thanks Sheila for the advice on bringing my wellingtons. They bring a whole new dimenion on being able to squish thru the mud and be happy.

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