Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 7 - Friday July 27th

Spent the day arranging to ship my small suitcase to Ken and Sheila to make it easier to carry my gears out at the end. Took a bus to Chelmsford and had to go to a few places before I could arrange to have it shipped. The Jamboree site came alive with the 40,000 Scouts arriving to set-up. Tomorrow is the big Opening Ceremony with Prince William attending. I hope to be able to walk around and take some pictures of the different gateways now that the Jamboree is in full swing. Here are a couple of pictures of our campsite at sunrise at about 5:30 am (it is cool in the mornings):


Loretta said...

Looks like fun; amazing energy u have Arnold; i'm enjoying the read.

Kim Cardinal said...

Wow - beautiful pics, but waaayyy too early for me - Glad you're having a great time Arnold