Thursday, August 2, 2007

Day 12 - Wednesday August 1st

Today was an early rise in order to gather to be marshalled to the main stage for the Sunrise Ceremony. The weather was perfect, nice and clear. We picked up our box breakfast the previous night to eat while we waited for the ceremony. The ceremony consisted of lots of song and dance with a Scout orchestra playing before the show. Each country sent two representatives to Brownsea Island and they had a live feed where the Chief Scout of the UK blew the kudu horn symbolizing when BP blew the kudu horn to raise the camp 100 years ago at 8 am. Then he had the Scouts from each country renew there promise, keeping with the Jamboree theme - one world, one promise. .

Here is a picture of a Scout at the main stage with his kudu horn as we waited for the ceremony to start:

A picture of part of the Sunrise Ceremony:

At the end of the ceremony each Scout was challenged to get 100 signatures of other Scouts on their sunrise scarf which was a great way to end the ceremony on a high.

Some pictures of Scouts signing each others sunrise ceremony scarf:

All in all it was a very moving ceremony. Since I came down with a sore throat I decided to catch the shuttle bus into Chelmsford to mail a couple of parcel to Ken & Sheila (so as to lighten my load to pack out) who I will be visiting after the Jamboree and to buy some throat lozengers and cold and flu medication at Boots (the UK equiv of Shoppers Drug Mart). When I checked in with the first aid for some throat lozengers they said lots of people had sore throats and they didn't have any throat lozengers and the best place to buy them was at Sainsbury in the IST subcamp. Well, needless to say, Sainsbury had run out, so was able to buy some at Boots in Chelmsford which helped. My sore throat has since moved farther into my chest and into my sinus, so not sure if it is a kind of cold or a flu. The medication that the helpful Boots employee suggested has helped but I still feel like a I have been run over by a freight train in the morning with aching muscles. Hopefully, it will pass, without turning into somrthing more serious. Hey, ho, hey, ho, it's off to work I must go, so can't afford to be sick.

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