Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 15 - Sunday August 5th

The day started off with a late breakfast and being able to sleep in, since I was not scheduled to work. On my way past the IST subcamp hub, I stopped in the Adult Craft tent to say hi to Rose-Marie, and a lady from Hong Kong showed me how to make a butterfly from string and knots. It only took me two attempts to get it right (my eye hand coordination was slow). Then I headed off to catch the midday show probably for the last time.

Here is another photo from the Midday Show where day visitors learn the Jamboree song:
After enjoying the Midday show I hiked to the Trash program area. Here is a photo of the Jamboree sign made from different colored plastic bottle tops:

As part of the Trash program they had the Scouts use trash to play music. Here are some photos. It was just like going to see Stomp at the National Art Centre in Ottawa. It was amazing how well the Scouts played.

During supper we had a visit by Saint Nicholas and his helper:
Then Jeanete, Tom and myself walked to see the One World Garden where Jeanette took a picture of us. Tom also works for CRA, but in Sudbury, who I have known from previous Jamborees.
Jeanette wanted to get a picture of her with the Scouts from Thamesford so we hiked to their campsite and I took a couple pictures of them enjoying their evening meal:

Earlier in the day I walked through the Faiths and Beliefs area where a Scouts taught us how to make a Wonmani which was created by a Won Buddhism priest for Won Scouts.

The six knots represent our six senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, limbs and mind)and aimed for using them harmoniously everyday. At the start of the day the body is pulled down close to the beads for feet.

Then as one uses their six senses for good work the body is moved up to make the legs longer.

As we walked back through the Plaza, badge swapping is everywhere around camp which is always popular at a Jamboree.

I came across this Troop gateway which I thought was unique and thought I would use it to end off the photos for todays blog.

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