Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 13 - Thursday August 2nd

After my early 5 am rise and lukewarm shower (as the showers have one temperature only.....lukewarm, which makes it very cool when you step out into the 10 degrees Celsius cool air), I headed off to the Internet cafe (which is open 24 hours) to update this blog. At least at 5 am there are no line-up for the showers, if you can handle the cool exit and no lineups (like in the evening) to use the Internet. Guess like the saying 'the early bird gets the worm' .

Today, I worked the entire day at the World Village helping with the soap stone carving that the Scouts are doing a great job with. It is messy, as the white talcum powder it produces can make a mess on black pants, but brushes out easily. We have about 1200 small 3 inch wooden paddles which the Scouts were suppose to spray a small Canadian maple leaf on and can take and use as a key chain, but after a couple of sprays, the stencils got clogged up and the paint ran on the paddle which ruined it. We have these temporary tattoos we give out that the Scouts can wet and put on their bodies. I got the idea of trying to apply it on the paddle and it looks good, so we decided we would try this tomorrow. However, trying to find paper towels or j-clothes to use to wet the tattoo was a challenge, but I managed to buy some at the Jamboree Sainbury's store.

After supper, I went into the Adult Activity tent where Rose-Marie is working, and she taught me how to do etching on a glass and made a glass candle holder. Kewl, something I can try at home. Watch out everyone, you will be getting glass-etched candle holders as Christmas presents this year.

I didn't get a chance to take many pictures today, so on my walk to the IST dining tent with Jeanette, we stopped to take a few pictures of the subcamps and some of the Scouts gateways they built which I have uploaded below. Enjoy.

Some pictures of the Subcamp entrances:

Some pictures of the Scouts Gateways:

These are some of the huge black tents that German Scouts always use.

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