Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 16 - Monday August 6th

Back to the early rise routine today and off for an early shower (to beat the line-ups). After breakfast, I hiked to the World Village for my last shift, since Monday is the last official program day. At lunch time, I headed off for the main arena stage to see the midday show, one last time, while I ate my box lunch. You could tell the cast of all Scouts and Guides that put on the show gave it their all, as it was their last midday show.

Then I took my last hike to the World Village to help take down our area. As they say 'many hands make light work' we started the take-down around 3 pm and were finished by 5 pm. However, I forgot to take any pictures of the take-down.

On our walk back to the IST subcamp, we stopped by the main arena, where the Jamboree cast were practicing for tomorrow night's closing ceremony. We sat for awhile and watched the rehearsals. Then, on the way to the staff dining tent, ran across a new vehicle and took a picture of the new mobile toilet. The driver ensured me that the toilet had never been use.

A picture of Jeanette and Brenda from Canada as we were relaxing after supper, the best way we could sitting on hard chairs and trying to enjoy a cup of tea.

And since I was short of pictures for today's blog, I decided to take one of the sign for the Internet Cafe, my connection to the rest of the outside world. As the camp quickly switches into take down mode, things start to be disassembled very fast, and it may be that the Internet Cafe will all of a sudden disappear, so it may be a couple of days that I will be off-line, until I get to Ken & Sheila's place where I can continue with my blog updates. I still have a bad chest cough and plugged sinuses. I am looking forward to a few days of recuperation at Ken & Sheila's place in beautiful West Sussex before catching my flight home.

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