Saturday, August 11, 2007

Now in Steyning

Now with the Jamboree over, after a bus ride from Chelmsford to Victoria Station and then onto Brighton, I arrived safely in Steyning and have been enjoying sleeping in a nice comfortable bed again. Yesterday, spent the day resting and went with Ken to the hardware store to pick up some chain to hang the stain glass panels I made for Ken & Sheila. For lunch we went to a nice restaurant called Cromwell's which had a nice view looking over the hills of West Sussex. I forgot to take my camera. In the evening I took some photos of the beautiful old architecture in Steyning.

Here is a picture of the driveway to Ken & Sheila's place in Steyning (which is the lower unit on the left hand corner of the photo):
Some photos of the old buildings in Steyning:

In the evening went with Cath and Steve(Ken & Sheila's daughter and son-in-law) to this local Pub to listen to a local folk singer Phil who is a cab driver during the day who will be driving me to catch my flight from Heathrow on Monday. Here is a picture of the Pub:

A picture of Ken & Sheila sitting in their conservatory (sunroom):

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