Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 14 - Friday August 3rd

Another early day as we had to open our site at the World Village at 9 am instead of 10 am to allow the Scouts who missed out the first day we were closed due to no water or washrooms. So today was extra busy with twice the number of Scouts taking part in activities. We rearranged the layout and set up a table to do the paddles with our contingent logo tattoos which worked out well and the Scouts liked them as a souvenir.

After lunch since I had the afternoon off I walked by the main stage and took in some of the midday show put on for the day visitors which is a collage of music and dance from the Opening Ceremony and Sunrise Ceremony. Then I went thru the energizer program area and then went to have a rest and see if my laundry I had done last night was drying inside the vestibule of my tent. Hard to believe another day has gone by so fast.

A couple pictures of the midday show at the main stage:

The Energizer Program area:

Rose-Marie Harris working on Chinese knot braiding who helped me with the glass etching last night.

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Loretta said...

Hey Arnold; need an update on your cold/flu; r u feeling better....Loretta.